Visiting Schleissheim Palace in Germany

Located about 30 minutes outside of Munich, Schleissheim Palace is actually three palaces located on the same grounds. It’s also a perfect stop on your road trip through Germany.

The complex consists of Old Palace, New Palace, and Lustheim Palace. For our visit, we only explored inside New Palace. If you’d like to explore all three, be sure to give yourself plenty of time. The grounds are substantial so visiting all three palaces will take a while.

New Palace was such a unique experience. Unlike most palaces, there was hardly any furniture throughout, giving it an almost abandoned feel. I also loved that we weren’t stuck with a group and could wander through at our own pace. We spent a couple hours exploring inside.

A very pink private chapel
Possibly the most intricate ceiling ever

The surrounding gardens are also beautiful to walk through. It would be a perfect spot for a picnic if you planned ahead and brought your own food.

The Old Palace

At the time of our visit (September 2018), the cost of entry was 4,5 euro per person. I personally felt the price of admission was very reasonable and would highly recommend visiting when you find yourself in Germany.


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