Travel Photo Diary: Athens, Greece

Athens is a bustling metropolis where the modern and ancient worlds collide. For great views of the whole city, make your way to the Acropolis and check out the Parthenon. Our tour guide, Apollo, was wonderful and his knowledge of the city was incredible. We trekked out on our own to explore the winding side streets and found a church tucked away in the hillside among the houses. Our second night here we all went out for a Greek dining experience at Tavern Kalokerinos- complete with traditional Greek dances and shouts of ‘opa!’ as plates were thrown to the ground.

parthenon on cloudy day
The Parthenon
Hands down the best gyro I had


The plate I got to smash at dinner 

red door


in front of parthenon
In front of the Parthenon
old university
The Old University
Brettos Bar, the second oldest bar in Europe

blue door

feeding baklava
Feeding each other baklava


exploring athens
Our Team exploring Athens
Temple of Hephaestus 
side streets
Wandering the steep side streets of the city
group baklava
Group shot outside an amazing bakery our first night in Athensgrafitti


in front of city
At the top of the Acropolis with Athens behind me
hidden church
Door to a church tucked away in the hillside
group shot acropolis
Group shot in front of the Acropolis



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