That Time I… Rode an Icelandic Horse

In case you hadn’t heard, Icelandic horses aren’t like regular horses. So we naturally had to experience the difference for ourselves by riding them at the Laxnes horse farm.

What makes Icelandic horses unique is their five gaits- other horses only have three. They’re also incredibly sturdy given the rough terrain of Iceland. As a former horseback rider, I wasn’t prepared for those extra gaits. (Of course, the fact that we took on this adventure within 12 hours of landing might have had something to do with that.)

enhance (5)

Mud, mud, mud, and more mud! Luckily, there were stylish overalls and boots for us to wear. I would highly recommend wearing both- your clothes and shoes will thank you for it later. As an added bonus the overalls also helped block some of the wind.

enhance (3)

enhance (4)


enhance (9)

enhance (6)

These horses knew exactly where they were going. It was obvious to us that they could have followed the path with their eyes closed with no problem!

Our ride took us across fields, down graveled paths, through streams, you name it. There were no buildings to shield us from the wind like in Reykjavik so at times it felt like I was going to be blown right off the horse.

enhance (7)

enhance (1)

enhance (8)

enhance (2)

All in all, I would recommend this tour. I would also not recommend going the same afternoon your plane touches down. Your tired, jet lagged body will thank you for it later.



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