More Than a Drunk Text

It’s late. It’s raining. You’ve had one too many glasses of your current poison of choice. You keep looking at your phone trying to will the screen to light up with a message. With each passing minute and the continued black of your screen staring back at you, you start feeling more and more desperate. Why hasn’t he texted? Does he not miss you as much as you’ve been missing him? Did what you have mean nothing? You find yourself in this place of quiet desperation longing for a single drunk text that in your mind will somehow validate you as if to say ‘see he did love me.’ And in that moment you realize something life changing. Something so simple it’s revolutionary. It seems painfully obvious yet you’re dumbfounded by how long it took for this revelation to strike:

You are worth more than a drunk text.

You deserve more. You always have. So, as you sit crying alone in the rain like the climactic scene in a stereotypical rom com, you realize you’re worth more. As you sit, still reeling from the breakup you neither wanted nor saw coming, you realize you’re worth more. As you spend another night surrounded by friends basking in the glow of their successful relationships while you sit mentally counting down the days left until the sweet release of death, you realize you’re worth more.

You are worth more than a drunk text.

A drunk text is meaningless and cheap and you are nothing short of priceless. You are strong and capable and brave. You are smart and kind and fierce. You are beautiful inside and out. Even when you don’t believe that you are. You are so much more than you give yourself credit for. You deserve better than what you’ve told yourself you’ll settle for. You deserve more than a drunk text because you’re worth more than that. No drunk text or lack therefore should be able to dictate your worth or your value. You are priceless. A drunk text is worthless. You deserve so much more. Even if you don’t think that you do, you’ll find out the truth soon enough. You’ll have your moment of clarity and you’ll realize just how much you’re worth. I just hope it doesn’t take you as long as it took me. Until then, aim higher than a drunk text.

You’re worth more than that.




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